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About us

Katana Sword is the online store specializing in the sale of high quality hand forged katanas. The katanas we carry are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and are designed to provide years of service and enjoyment. Whether you are looking for a traditional katana for your collection, or a functional weapon for martial arts training, we have a sword to suit your needs. Our selection of katanas includes both traditional and modern designs, so you can find the perfect sword for your taste.

Katana Sword is a French company that was born in 2022, following the health catastrophe that e-commerce has been propelled to the detriment of physical stores, that’s why the creator of the Monkatana website, Max, had the idea to launch into the adventure to offer all the amateurs of high quality Katanas in France a reliable and efficient service that meets their needs.

A Propos De Nous

Katana Sword sources its catalog from several suppliers in different countries, for example our collection of high-end katanas is sourced from the supplier “Thaitsukisword”, which has accumulated several decades of knowledge in the field and has preserved artisanal and traditional manufacturing methods over time.

The katana was born from the passion of its creator for katanas and our goal is to become the absolute leader in the market by providing an impeccable service to our customers.

A Propos De Nous

We offer a wide selection of products from our catalog of over 200 unique items! In our menu you will find the following collections, some of which are currently being expanded :

  • Our katanas
  • Anime Katanas
  • Demon Slayer Katana
  • One Piece Katanas
  • Katanas Holder
  • Wakizashi
  • Wooden Katanas
  • Bokken

If you are looking for a 100% Authentic website that puts customer satisfaction at the center of its long-term vision, Katana Sword will satisfy you!


Our supplier of high end katanas operates in Thailand under the name of Thaitsukisword for high end katanas, it is a family owned forge with very reputable traditional and handcraft methods.

The rest of our catalog are katanas made in China at Longquan in the province of Zhejiang, a city renowned worldwide for its production of katanas.

Our high quality katanas are forged by Satit Sivarat himself, a professional katana smith for over 20 years.

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