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What Is A Wakizashi ?

What is a Wakizashi ?

Let’s discover a less known Japanese term, wakizashi. This weapon is not as popular as the famous katana, undoubtedly the most famous among the ninja or samurai weapons, but it is just as important

The wakizashi is a short sword which is also called shoto. It is a traditional Japanese sword whose length varies from 30 to 60 centimeters, depending on the case.

The shape of this traditional Japanese sword is similar to the katana. However, among the differences, in addition to the length, we note that in this case, the edge is thinner. What has been accomplished with this? That the wounds it caused were much more serious and dangerous.

Daisho: the union of the wakizashi and the katana

In the past, every respectable samurai warrior carried two important bladed weapons, i.e. the long sword and the short sword. In other words, these feudal fighters carried the katana and the wakizashi, which together were known as the Daisho.

The importance of the Daisho was essential at that time. The main weapon of the samurai has always been the katana. However, if the warrior was not armed, he always had an additional defense, which was the wakizashi.

Remember that every time a samurai entered a building, the katana had to be placed on a stand at the entrance. This way, the warrior was armed at all times and did not feel protected in case of an attack.

In fact, the wakizashi was allowed in any place and space, so that the samurai would repel any aggression anywhere with this short sword.

This weapon is very handy because of its small size, so it was ideal for defense in closed spaces where maneuvering was more difficult. It was quickly designed and ready for combat.

To conclude, let’s recall that the wakizashi was widely used by ninjas, who substituted it to the ninjato, which is bigger, and therefore less handy

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