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Katana Onimaru Violet

Katana Onimaru Violet


(7 customer reviews)

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Blade material:high performance spring steel;
Blade type: handmade blade, hand forged;
Katana weight:1.4kg;
Overall length:40.6″/103cm;
Blade length: 29″/74cm;
Blade width:1.3″/3.2cm;
Handle: Solid wood, paint;
Handle: Solid wood, winding rope;
Fitted knife:alloy;
Origin: Longquan Zhejiang China;
Accessories:Cotton sword bag.


1.The length may vary from 1 to 3 cm;
2.You can contact us if you need custom blade lettering or other changes;
3.We are the manufacturers, many products are now assembled, each shipment might be slightly different.Please be understanding, thank you.

Blade maintenance:

The katana usually consists of three parts: the blade, the scabbard and the accessories. The main body, the blade, is most often made of iron, steel or copper. The scabbard is made of wood. To prevent it from rusting, it should not be stored in a humid place or put in contact with acidic or salty substances. It should also not be touched with the hands in case the surface is corroded by sweat. Oil should be applied to the surface for maintenance for medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, pattern welded steel(Damascus steel)stainless steel blade material.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

7 reviews for Katana Onimaru Violet

  1. Connor Read

    The quality is amazing now I want to buy everything from this store xd

  2. Freddie Pearson

    Great quality and great craftsmanship! A great addition to my collection. It didn’t take long to receive either.

  3. Raylee Strickland

    Just as I expected the product to look like, the delivery was faster than expected (6 days)

  4. Bailey Stuart

    It’s a great sword in itself. Now, for the price, you won’t find an equivalent. It may not be a collector’s item, but it’s well made and it’s really battle ready. You won’t be disappointed, this is an excellent katana sword for a hobbyist like me.

  5. Jackie Elliott

    ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT ! omg I am so happy with this katana

  6. Aiden Francis

    Ok, the blade is a bit thick to be a real samurai sword, but to be honest it’s ok. The balance is about 7 inches beyond the tang, so definitely heavy from the blade, but I really enjoy it, you really feel like a samurai with it in your hands. The weight feels good, I’m not a ninja but I did cut a few bottles of water. Glad I got it.

  7. Chris Brown

    When I ordered the sword, I already had a sharpening stone from the 1000/6000 pebble brand. I know some of you have seen reviews on YouTube by aspiring martial artists and decided not to buy this sword. Think again. It doesn’t come hand sharpened, duh. Make the small effort to sharpen it. I even watched a guy with his review on YT wearing a gimmick mask and using a sloppy technique to try to cut water bottles! This sword is built to last and is battle ready with a stone and a blade.

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