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Yamato Sword Katana One Piece

Yamato Sword Katana One Piece


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Yamato’s Real Sword from One Piece

The Yamato Sword Katana is one of the most iconic weapons in the anime One Piece. It is wielded by the character Yamato, and is renowned for its incredible strength and sharpness. The sword is said to be made from the finest steel in the world, and its blade is honed to a razor-sharp edge. The Yamato Sword Katana is also said to be unbreakable, and can cut through almost anything. In the hands of a skilled swordsman like Yamato, it is a truly fearsome weapon. The Yamato Sword Katana is just one of the many iconic weapons featured in One Piece, and is sure to be a favorite among fans of the anime.


  • Blade material:High carbon steel;
  • Blade type:Hand forged blade, handcrafted methods, Anime Katana, Full Tang, Sharped;
  • Katana weight:1.5kg;
  • Overall length:40. 6″/103cm;
  • Blade length:28.3″/71cm;
  • Blade width:1.3″/3. 2cm;
  • Handle: Solid wood, painted;
  • Handle: Solid wood, a winding cord;
  • Tsuba: Copper alloy;
  • Mounted knife: Alloy;
  • Origin: Longquan Zhejiang China;
  • Accessories: Cotton sword bag.

1.The length may vary from 1 to 3 cm;
2.You can contact us if you need custom blade lettering or other changes;
3.We are the manufacturers, many products are now assembled, each shipment might be slightly different.
Please understand, thank you.
4.All our katanas were designed in Japan and produced in Longquan, the capital of katanas in China.

Katana maintenance:
The katana is generally composed of three parts: blade, scabbard, and accessories. The main body, the blade, is most often made of iron, steel or copper. The scabbard is made of wood. To avoid rusting, it should not be stored in a damp place or come into contact with acidic or salty substances. It should also not be touched with the hands in case the surface is corroded by sweat. Oil should be applied to the surface for maintenance for medium carbon steel, high carbon steel,pattern welded steel(Damascus steel)stainless steel blade material.



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