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Rakshasa Katana

Rakshasa Katana


(7 customer reviews)

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Blade material:High performance torsion pattern steel;
Blade type:Handmade blade, hand forged;
Katana weight:1.3kg;
Overall length:40.6″/103cm;
Blade length: 28,6″/72cm;
Blade width:1,3″/3,2cm;
Sleeve: Shiraki;
Handle: Shiraki;
Tsuba: alloy;
Fitted knife:alloy;
Origin: Longquan Zhejiang China;
Accessories:Cotton sword bag.


1.The length may vary from 1 to 3 cm;
2.You can contact us if you need custom blade lettering or other changes;
3.We are the manufacturers, many products are now assembled, each shipment might be slightly different.Please be understanding, thank you.

Blade maintenance:

The katana usually consists of three parts: the blade, the scabbard and the accessories. The main body, the blade, is most often made of iron, steel or copper. The scabbard is made of wood. To prevent it from rusting, it should not be stored in a humid place or put in contact with acidic or salty substances. It should also not be touched with the hands in case the surface is corroded by sweat. Oil should be applied to the surface for maintenance for medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, pattern welded steel(Damascus steel)stainless steel blade material.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

7 reviews for Rakshasa Katana

  1. Drew Evans

    Great blade, the day after the katana was delivered me and my son played fruit ninja in the backyard to test it lol!

  2. Lane Atkinson

    Very good value for money, I recommend!

  3. Billy Webb

    the quality is amazing now i want to buy everything from this store xd

  4. Logan Albert

    the customer service is great, the product arrived exactly as pictured… the only thing is that I didn’t receive my tracking number but I asked for it and they gave it to me quickly

  5. Mell Gray

    Bought for my grandson’s birthday. He loved it. Beautiful sword

  6. Blair Sampson

    This is my first katana. The sword arrived in perfect condition. The handle and the packaging were tight. The blade was very nice and had no defects. The sword has a good edge but needed a final sharpening to slice. I filled a plastic bottle with water and it broke/cut it a bit and knocked it into the bushes. I sharpened it a bit and did my test again. It sliced with so little resistance it was a little scary. The katana is ready now. I also waxed the scabbard and that really made it shine. If it’s as strong as the videos show…it’s a keeper. I also bought a bokken to train with….. which was a good decision because one mistake could cost me a few stitches or worse. 😀

  7. Brook Hawkins

    I was going to give 3 stars because of the scabbard and how tight it is but it turns out that is the problem with the habaki and not the scabbard. I tried another sword I have and it fits perfectly. I just bought a new brass habaki that has no art on it to replace the one that came with this sword. Other than that, it’s a perfect sword.

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