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Samurai King Sanmai Wakizashi
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Samurai King Sanmai Wakizashi


(9 customer reviews)

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  • Overall length : 75cm Blade: 57cm
  • Material: Hand forged and bent high carbon steel.
  • Clay-hardened and water-quenched blade (HRC 60-35).
  • Hand polished with excellent hada
  • Hand sharpened.
  • Unokubi Zukuri.
  • Seppa and HANA habaki in silver.
  • Silver HANA menuki.
  • Brass Fuchi and kashira with silver HANA design.
  • Tsuka wrapped in golden brown Japanese silk and black ray skin.
  • Dark brown matte finish saya with silver kurikata, koikuchi, sayajiri and flower inlay. Golden brown silk sageo.


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How this katana blade is forged:

9 reviews for Samurai King Sanmai Wakizashi

  1. Rhys Hall

    Ok, the blade is a bit thick to be a real samurai sword, but to be honest it’s ok. The balance is about 7 inches beyond the tang, so definitely heavy from the blade, but I really enjoy it you really feel like a samurai with it in your hands. The weight feels good, I’m not a ninja but I did cut a few bottles of water. Glad I got it.

  2. Casey George

    Very good quality for the price…

  3. Ray Pate

    I got it for a birthday gift, she went crazy about it, great quality 🙂

  4. Maximo Terrell

    Just as I expected the product to look like, the delivery was faster than expected (6 days)

  5. Luke Armstrong

    The construction of the katana is very solid. The blade is nicely sharpened for cutting. The blade feels good to handle, but there is a little extra weight in the blade to allow for extra cutting power on a slice. The tip feels extremely sharp for penetration. The katana handles very well.

  6. Gale Lewis

    The product arrived in very good condition, it took a few days over the expected date but for what it costs, it was worth it.

  7. Weston Wilson

    amazing and beautiful piece of craftsmanship!

  8. Vic Richardson

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! omg I am so happy with this katana

  9. Stanley Doyle

    This is my first katana. The sword arrived in perfect condition. The handle and packaging were tight. The blade was very nice and had no defects. The sword has a good edge but needed a final sharpening to slice. I filled a plastic bottle with water and it broke/cut it a bit and knocked it into the bushes. I sharpened it a bit and did my test again. It sliced with so little resistance it was a little scary. The katana is ready now. I also waxed the scabbard and that really made it shine. If it’s as strong as the videos show…it’s a keeper. I also bought a bokken to train with….. which was a good decision because one mistake could cost me a few stitches or worse. 😀

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